Swarm is a Linux-based software art work, which is also available as a screen saver for Windows. The animation above is a sample of the exhibition version, which includes a soundtrack. Swarm produces both animation and audio content generatively in real-time, which means that it is never exactly the same twice.

You can download the screen saver version of Swarm by clicking the link below. Unzip the package, right-click on “Swarm.scr” and select “Install”.

Here you can also download the full source code. Swarm is free software, distributed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License v3. This means that you are welcome to modify the software to suit your own needs.

The source code package contains versions for Windows, Linux and DOS. To build the Linux version, you will need the following packages:

Running the Linux version requires these packages:

Contact me if you have questions regarding the source code and how to build it.

Page updated Jan 23 2021

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