Fortune Tools

I created my line drawings with the help of software I developed specifically for the task. It is all contained in the package I call Fortune Tools. The programs in the package are used to generate Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi diagrams and Gabriel graphs. The name is a reference to Fortune's algorithm, which forms the core of the software.

In the image above, the left part is a Voronoi diagram, the center part is a Gabriel graph based on a set of Delaunay triangles, and the rightmost part is a maze built from a Voronoi diagram.

Click the link below to download the Windows versions of the programs. The file “readme.txt” in the package contains a brief introduction and usage information.

Anyone so inclined is welcome to download the full source code provided below. The Fortune Tools package is free software, distributed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License version 3.

The source code can be compiled in Windows and Linux and should be fairly easy to port to other platforms as well. You will need Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) version 1.2 to compile the source. Read the file “build.txt” for instructions.

Page updated Jan 23 2021

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